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The TAS Trimmer home irrigation models are designed to trim around valve boxes, sprinkler head donuts and pop-up sprinkler heads.  The original TAS Trimmer (7" model) and the TAS Trimmer II (3.75" model) handle these tasks quickly and cleanly. Landscape professionals and even home owners swear by the excellent results of the TAS Trimmersprinkler head trimmer from TAS Industries.

Watch the promotional video and see just how well the TAS Trimmer cuts around pop-up irrigation heads in a residential landscape.

TAS Trimmer Home Irrigation Video

TAS Trimmer (7-inch)

Model 101
Retail - $21.95

The TAS Trimmer 7" model is the original sprinkler head trimmer for trimming around 6" valve box covers and sprinkler head donuts.  It can also be used to trim sprinkler heads that measure 6.5" - 6.75".

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TAS Trimmer II (3.75 inch)

Model 102
Retail - $19.95

The TAS Trimmer 3.75" is designed to trim around pop-up and rotary sprinkler heads.  It works great with Buckner, Hunter, Rainbird, R.L. Nelson, Hardie/Richdell, K-Rain, Weathermatic and Toro.

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